As an individual consumer of healthcare services, then depending on your needs and your ability to afford them you have some choices when it comes to where you get those services from. For example, if you are experiencing minor abdominal discomfort or back pain you might visit an online medical information site to read about possible causes and how you might treat them through making lifestyle adjustments such as changing some of your diet, posture, or exercise habits. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are suffering from a severe injury or illness you may have no choice but to use the services of a brick-and-mortar hospital facility for invasive surgery and intensive care unit recovery. For many of us, our most frequent healthcare needs fall somewhere in between simply browsing online about a minor condition and making a trip to urgent care. This is the space where having a MyCareClix account can give you the best individual healthcare value, especially if you are paying for your own health care.

MyCareClix Is More Than an Online Website

A MyCareClix telemedicine visit is more than browsing online or a glorified video chat. With your MyCareClix account, you can access board-certified doctors licensed in your state and many kinds of medical specialists, usually within minutes, at any hour of the day or night. This availability of professional medical opinions can be important when you have symptoms that point to more than one possible problem: with MyCareClix, you’re not left on your own to guess.

MyCareClix Is an Affordable Alternative to Traveling to Healthcare

Before telemedicine, receiving healthcare usually meant having to travel to physically receive it – that is, you had to go to the same place as your physician. Even minor medical matters, such as being examined for a throat irritation or getting a prescription for a skin condition, required you to make a pilgrimage to your doctor’s office. But if you have a MyCareClix account, you can receive all the benefits of making these office visits without ever going to the office. You save time, frustration, and money while avoiding need this exposure to other illnesses in places like waiting areas. An added advantage of using MyCareClix is that if you require more advanced medical treatment services, such as a referral to a radiologist, cardiologist, or other specialists, you can accomplish all of these through our secure online portal linking you to all of the services of a virtual hospital. Most of the time you may not need these more advanced services, but if you ever do then we have you covered.