In an earlier post, we looked at the different kinds of injuries, illnesses, and conditions that you can seek treatment for using MyCareClix. Here, we’ll go over some of the kinds of virtual health services we offer you as part of the MyCareClix service.

What is the MyCareClix Virtual Hospital?

MyCareClix is more than a video portal where you can talk to your doctor. Virtual examinations and consultations are staples of MyCareClix services, but that is a small part of what’s available to you. When you use MyCareClix, it can help if you picture yourself physically going to your doctor or specialist – only instead of traveling to a small office or clinic, you are walking into a hospital. A hospital that includes your clinic as one of its many departments. And all those departments are available to you and your loved ones on an as-needed basis because they are all under the same virtual roof that MyCareClix provides. When in your imagination you walk into the virtual hospital today, it might be to see a dermatologist about a minor dermatitis matter. Tomorrow, it could be your partner’s turn to consult with a cardiologist who, through MyCareClix’s access his electronic health records, is already familiar with his chronic heart condition and is using remote patient monitoring equipment in your home to track his vital signs. Next week, it’s a trip to pediatrics to deal with your daughter’s nagging upper respiratory symptoms that she insists are just a cold, but you think might be sinusitis or worse, followed by a consult with the radiology department for the results of an MRI examination of your teenage son’s sport-related knee injury to get a second opinion on whether surgery is needed.

MyCareClix Gives You Access to as Much Healthcare as You Need

MyCareClix effectively – and importantly to you, conveniently – duplicates almost all the medical services you would find in a major hospital. This includes handling potentially serious symptoms or conditions on short notice. Does a hospital have an urgent care facility to provide you with care whenever you need it, even late at night? MyCareClix does, too. Would that urgent care facility route you to the emergency room if necessary? So would MyCareClix. Most of the time, if you are reasonably healthy, you won’t need the more specialized medical services that MyCareClix makes available to and affordable for you, and you can use it in the same way you would your primary care doctor for routine examinations or treatment of minor medical issues. But wouldn’t it be nice knowing that if you need anything from a prescription refilled to an urgent care consultation when you are away from home, you can find it all with just one access point? That’s what MyCareClix offers you: peace of mind, no matter where you are, or what time it is.

Your MyCareClix Virtual Hospital is Ready When You Are

Getting started with a MyCareClix account begins with finding out whether your employer, health insurer or any other organization you belong to supports MyCareClix, in which case you can talk with that point of contact about how to sign up with us. If you want to set up your own MyCareClix account, you can do that, too.