When Should You Make a Virtual Visit to the Doctor?

If you haven’t used a telemedicine solution like MyCareClix before, you might be wondering what kinds of medical issues it treats, and when you should use it instead of going to a physical facility. The answer depends in part on the capabilities of your telemedicine provider – some offer more than others. We do have enough data, however, to know how patients use virtual health visits the most. Here are the three most common categories of why people make telemedicine visits to their physicians, and some specific examples for each:

  • Respiratory ailments. Many patients use telemedicine support to diagnose and treat breathing difficulties including upper respiratory and sinus problems, bronchitis, and viral infections, most often cold and flu-related. Although not a breathing infection itself, “Pink Eye” is a condition related to the respiratory illness that is a frequent reason for online health consultations.
  • Allergies: Allergic reactions to food items, medications, insect bites, noxious plants like poison oak or poison ivy, and chemicals are all reasons why people will use telemedicine instead of traveling to the doctor’s office or to urgent care.
  • Other Common Infections: Urinary tract infections and ear infections are two of the common problems that will drive patients to seek medical help in a virtual setting. Although these three categories cover the reasons we see most often for using telemedicine, they are like the comparison to the tip of the iceberg: there is much more to it than what you above the water’s surface.

MyCareClix: More Than Just a Doctor’s Office

This is particularly true of MyCareClix, which is more than a service meant to treat simple medical issues. MyCareClix is a virtual hospital, not just a substitute for a primary care physician. Like a hospital, MyCareClix gives you access to specialized medical services including wellness and preventative health programs, substance abuse rehabilitation services, OB/GYN, cardiology, mental health counseling, and much more. MyCareClix isn’t “just as good” as your local hospital. In many ways, it’s better. Because, unlike your hospital, MyCareClix comes to you. At any time. No matter where you are if you have a data connection. And instead of paying a premium for this superior service, the opposite is true: telemedicine is less expensive than brick and mortar healthcare. If you are paying for your own healthcare, MyCareClix can be the difference between seeing a doctor or not. If you’ve been given a diagnosis or prognosis and want a second opinion or a specialist opinion, MyCareClix makes it affordable to get one. So when should you use a virtual visit to the doctor, instead of physically traveling to a physician’s office, clinic, or hospital? If you have MyCareClix as your healthcare provider, the answer is “As often as possible.” And with MyCareClix, it’ll be possible, often.

Your MyCareClix Account Is Ready When You Are

MyCareClix works with many employer health benefits packages and health insurance plans, or you can create your own personal account.