What if Receiving Quality, Affordable Healthcare was as Easy as Shopping Online?

We live in an age of convenience, in which more and more products and services come to us through our smartphones and computer screens. Today, you can shop online for groceries, gifts, professional services, and much more. Most of it with the option of front-door delivery to your home or place of work. Why shouldn’t it be the same for your healthcare? Why shouldn’t seeing your doctor be as easy as arranging an online video call? It can be – if you use MyCareClix.

Not Every Medical Issue or Question Needs an In-Person Doctor Visit

It used to be, before MyCareClix, that many non-emergency medical problems like minor illnesses, skin conditions, and mental health counseling still required a visit to a doctor or specialist for diagnosis and treatment. MyCareClix not only makes this 20th Century healthcare delivery model obsolete, but it also offers advantages that brick-and-mortar, provider-centric healthcare cannot match. Here’s an example: You wake up at 3:00 in the morning in a hotel room in a city other than home, feeling a dull yet steady pain in your lower back, just above your abdomen. You feel nauseous, you want to vomit even though you know there’s nothing in your stomach. And even though you want to urinate, you can’t seem to pass very much. Back in the old days, you would probably end up waking up a relative to drive you who knows how far or how long to an urgent care facility or even an emergency room that might be available at that hour.

The MyCareClix Difference

But instead, you call MyCareClix from your hotel room. Within minutes you are speaking via video conference with a real, licensed and board-certified medical doctor who based on your answers to her questions and her observations of you through the video portal determines that you may have a kidney stone. She advises you that it will likely pass before long and prescribes you some pain medication that you can pick up at a local pharmacy. She also takes notes during the call and adds them to your health records, so if you call MyCareClix even if you speak with a different doctor that person will know about your earlier call. Lastly, she advises you on what to do if the pain persists past a certain period, so you know what to do just in case. To sum up: by using MyCareClix, you saved time, you didn’t have to travel anywhere, you received urgent care advice from a qualified medical professional, who was able to diagnose the likely problem and to issue you a prescription online. And even if you don’t have health insurance, the cost of a MyCareClix virtual urgent care visit is less than its physical urgent care center or emergency room.

MyCareClix: Quality, Affordable Healthcare Delivered to You

Setting up a MyCareClix account through your employer or on your own is simple. You can do it through any computer, tablet, or smartphone with a connection to the Internet.