Medicine Used to be Personal, and Home-Based

One of the best benefits of using MyCareClix as your personal healthcare provider is that you can receive the same personal, at-home, individualized care that people used to expect when their doctors made house calls. It may seem like a quaint social memory today, like looking back at Norman Rockwell’s “Doctor and the Doll” painting, but doctors often used to go to see their patients in their homes. When they did, they took with them in a medical kit the devices they needed to aid with diagnoses like a stethoscope, otoscope, thermometer, and a tongue depressor.

What was Old is New Again – And Better This Time

Today, you go to the hospital, or clinic, or to your doctor’s office. That’s just the way it is… or was. For MyCareClix is bringing back for you the best of the physician house call, with enhanced 21st Century technology that the traveling doctor of old might only imagine. What makes healthcare in the home possible is more than the doctor’s ability to connect with you online and to see you through a camera. It’s the doctor’s knowledge of your vital signs – the same ones she’d get with the medical travel bag of old – only now they’re electronic devices you can easily use, and MyCareClix sends them to you in the mail.

Remote Patient Monitoring – Your Doctor’s Eyes on Your Vital Signs

Based on your personal medical needs, your MyCareClix doctor chooses which remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices to have delivered to you. These MyCareClix RPM devices are FDA-approved for home use, come pre-configured just for you so you don’t have to set them up, and are usually reimbursable by Medicare or health insurance – so you don’t pay for them. MyCareClix RPM devices send your select vital sign data to your doctor privately and securely. We are fully compliant with Federal laws, like HIPAA and the HITECH Act, that protect your personal health information. What makes our vital sign remote monitoring better than the house call doctor is that we are there with you all the time. Think of MyCareClix RPM devices are like having a live-in nurse who can check your vital signs at any time, and let the doctor know if she sees anything out of the ordinary. MyCareClix not only gathers and safely transmits your patient data to your doctor, but we also constantly monitor the data for your doctor – and send an alert if the data indicates her attention is needed.

Let the Doctor and the Nurse Come to You

Compared to making a physical trip to the hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office, MyCareClix remote patient monitoring at home is safer, more private, faster, more convenient, and less expensive if it isn’t covered by your employer or other insurer or health plan. And it’s available to you every day, at any hour. Setting up a MyCareClix account is simple. Or, if you have questions about our RPM devices, our monitoring service, or anything else about MyCareClix, reach us by email at [email protected].