You wake up while it’s still dark because you know something’s wrong: your partner isn’t there next to you. You find him on the bathroom floor, and when he sees you he tells you he’s having stabbing chest pains and he feels nauseous; worse, you notice that his tongue is beginning to swell, to the point where it’s hard for him to talk. You know he just switched to new prescription medication to treat high blood pressure – could that be the problem? How can you know? You must do something. But what?

Urgent Care Before MyCareClix: The Bad Old Days

Before telemedicine, your choices would have been limited to a trip to urgent care, or to the emergency room, or to dial 911. But even at the urgent care facility, you were still in possible trouble. Continuing our example, the urgent care examining physician hears you mention the new medication, but she notes that a swollen tongue isn’t one of its drug interaction symptoms. She thinks it could be a different kind of allergen or toxin but can’t be sure. She could consult with a toxicologist… if one were only available. But one isn’t. Not at that hour of the morning. And your partner’s medical records? Those, too, aren’t available right now. She’ll just have to do the best she can, on her own. With your loved one’s life possibly on the line.

MyCareClix Urgent Care: Specialist Availability 24 Hours, Seven Days

If you have a MyCareClix account, the bad old days of urgent care are just that – something from the past you can forget about. MyCareClix has its own network of thousands of licensed and board-certified physicians, including medical specialists in dozens of specialties. The size of our network means that at any given time specialist healthcare providers are available to consult with. Having MyCareClix Urgent Care means that by on-demand video consultation through your phone, computer, or tablet you are directly communicating with a nurse or physician within a few minutes. In the time it would take to drive to urgent care or to wait for an ambulance, your urgent care doctor can already be examining you. And that toxicologist? There’s always one available for urgent care physicians to consult with on MyCareClix. That’s the strength of our network. That person can even join in the consultation, in real-time. If the situation is serious enough, a triage consultant can also participate if an escalation to emergency treatment might be needed.

Why Wait? Sign Up for MyCareClix Today, and Be Covered for Medical Emergencies

In our story above, which was based on a true example, the patient’s conditions were found to be a previously undiagnosed gall stone and a known mold allergy – which the treating physician misdiagnosed as an allergy to over-the-counter pain medication. But the patient’s medical records were not available to the urgent care physician. Which is another advantage of having MyCareClix: we keep all of your electronic health records, so anyone you visit through our online portal will have immediate and full access to them. It’s easy to set up a MyCareClix account online through your employer or on your own.